About Us
I live in the heart of Texas. Hence the name Lathers Del Corazon which means "lathers from the heart" which can
be interpreted as being from the heart of Texas or from "my" heart because either one is appropriate. I have been
in the beauty industry for forty years so it is a natural progression that I end up providing what I consider a vital
necessity for the preservation of skin, beauty and health.

Several years ago my daughter gave me a basket of handmade soaps as a gift. Upon seeing her the next visit I
expressed to her that I was sorry when all my soaps were used as my skin felt so much better when I was using
the soaps she had given me. After a lengthy conversation on this subject we were soon headed for the nearest
town of size in search of soap making supplies. We found a place to start that day. She lost interest by the time
the weekend was over but it served as fodder for my appetite to know more and fine tune the craft of making
superior quality soaps and bath products. I started to research by means of every avenue I could including books,
stacks of books, more books, Internet, personal contact and groups devoted to this craft. I came to a point at
which time I had to put up or shut up so to speak. I gathered my first supplies assembled my tools and proceeded
to make my first batch of Cold Processed soap. Forty-eight hours later I unveiled it. Hummmmm.... Looks like soap
but I can't know for sure until it cures. Well is was soap! I have been hooked ever since.

Please take the time to look carefully at my bath and body products. Don't forget to check out the
page. You will see for yourself why handmade soaps and bath products are far superior to any commercially
purchased product.

Evelyn Martin
Lathers Del Corazon
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Brady, TX 76825

Phone  325-597-3020
Lathers Del Corazon  Lathers From The Heart