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If you have not yet experienced the luxurious feel of pure soap with no detergents you are in for an experience that is
unparalleled. Your skin will say thank you every time you use Lathers Del Corazons bath and body products. Only the finest
ingredients are used to protect and pamper you skin. Each bar of soap is heavily ladened with olive oil (skins Liquid Gold).
This is the day and age of people who want to look and feel as good as possible. Recent surveys show that more and more
people are realizing the benefits of hand made soaps and body products reflected substantial increase in users. The hustle and
bustle of every day life coupled with the massive amount of contaminants we come in contact with each day necessitate the
use of skin loving ingredients to combat these forces.

Try a pure bar of soap and give you and your skin a break. What is soap? I already use soap every day you say. What you are
using when you buy a commercially made bar is not soap at all. They are primarily detergents mixed with chemical additives
that you cannot even pronounce the names of and have not a clue what they are or where they came from. My soaps have
ingredients that you can pronounce the names of and you KNOW what they are. Make sure to select the
ingredients tab to find
out the benefits they impart into the products.

The only chemical additives ever added are fragrance oils. The bars are still 95% pure. If you prefer a 100% pure bar check out
the Essential Oil Soaps. I am sure you will enjoy whichever kind you choose.
Lathers Del Corazon  Lathers From The Heart
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